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Welcome to Hands-On & City Force Healthcare Recruitment 

By applying to work with us you will benefit from dual-agency registration meaning twice the opportunities! 
We can’t wait to meet you – but first we’ll need you to complete our easy step-by-step online application. This online form asks you everything we need to know before you join up. So by completing this form from the comfort of your own home will save you a lot of time completing paperwork when you come to the office! 
The form is easy to complete and will allow us to identify what training you need, if any, before joining, as well as whether you need a new DBS check too. 
Please provide us with as much information as possible to help us to recognise whether you’re at the beginning of a new career, or if you’ve already learned the ropes somewhere else. 
The registration form will probably take you around an hour and you’ll need things such as your CV, right to work information, training certificates and DBS certificate nearby (if you have them). So get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and we look forward to having a chat with you once all the forms are done. 
And remember… just as with any other job application you should expect there to be some tough questions, an expectation to impress, and high standards to meet! 
**A completed registration form does not constitute as a job offer. You will be expected to attend an in-person interview should the registration form meet the desired standard. You will need to bring original (not copied) documents to your interview, if offered one. You will hear more about this if your registration form is accepted by the recruitment officer. If you do not hear anything back within 2 weeks you should assume your application has not been successful this time** 
Step X of X 
Stage 1 - Pre Vetting Form 
Do you have the right to work in the UK 
Introduction to the Candidate 
If not you will need to pay £15-£80 to order a new one 
Full mandatory course (£50-£100 deposit) 
Refresher (£30 deposit) 
Clinical Questions 
You will be required to attend an in person interview at our offices 
You will be required to bring ALL your ORIGINAL documents 
Passport AND BRP or other R2W 
Vaccine certificate 
DBS Certificate 
Training certificates 
2 x recent POA 
Proof of NI or NI application letter 
Fully completed forms 
You will be required to be punctual or communicate lateness in good time 
You will be required to discuss the Skills for Care Code of Conduct in interview (this will be sent by email along with other application documents) 
You will be required to talk about yourself and your interest in the role, your career goals and what you can offer to the company 
You should treat this as an interview 
There is an expectation for you to impress 
The interview does not constitute as a job offer 
If you are declined for a role this time you will be welcome to reapply after 3 months by starting the process again 
Stage 2 - Application Form 
Section 1 - Personal Details 
Date of Birth
Section 2 - Security and right to work in the UK 
Due to the nature of our business, you are required to submit a DBS check. 
Failure to declare a conviction may require us to exclude you from our register or terminate an assignment if the offence is not declared but later comes to light. 
Section 3 - Education, Qualifications and Training 
Education History 
College / School name and location
Course Title
Training History 
Course Title
Other Details
Professional Registrations 
(All professional memberships will be verified with the relevant professional body) 
Profession (e.g. Nurse)
Registration Number / PIN
Type e.g. NMC
Expiry Date
Section 4 Employment and References 
Employment History 
Please supply the names and contact details for a minimum of two references. One of these must be from your current or most recent place of employment. References will only be accepted from your direct line manager or HR department. 
Phone number
Section 5 Equal Opportunities 
Hands-On & City Force Healthcare Recruitment is committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all work seekers and shall adhere to such a policy at all times. We will review on an ongoing basis on all aspects of recruitment to unlawful or undesirable discrimination. 
Which ethnic group you fall into? 
The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 defines a person as having a disability if he/she has a Physical or Mental impairment which has a substantial and long term adverse effect on his/her ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities. 
Section 6 Misconduct Disciplinaries Investigations 
Professional misconduct, disciplinary action and investigations. 
Section 7 48 Hour Opt-in Agreement 
I agree that I may work for more than an average of 48 hours per week. If I change my mind, I will provide Hands-On Healthcare / City Force Recruitment with 4 weeks’ notice in writing to end this agreement. 
Section 8 Payment Information 
Stage 3 - Registration Pack 
Section 1 - Training Costs 
Each working candidate is required to hold mandatory training as a minimum. Mandatory training must be full and comprehensive and be in date by a maximum of one year. 
Any mandatory training completed over one year ago must be renewed prior to engagement. 
If you are without full, in-date mandatory training, you can source this yourself, but it must be to an acceptably high standard and you must be able to provide an original training certificate to the agency for your file prior to engagement. 
Alternatively, Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment are able to book mandatory training through a recognised national training provider at a selection of venues. The cost of such training is 
£190 – Full 3-4 day Care Certificate training 
£65 – All in one day refresher training 
This should be paid prior to being booked. In some instances, Hands-On Healthcare Recruitment may cover the cost for you and arrange a re-payment plan. In this instance a plan will be agreed, and you will be asked to sign a training payment agreement. In the 
event that you fail to attend training that has been paid for by Hands-On Healthcare, having previously agreeing to attend, you will be subject a charge equal to the full cost. 
Section 2 - DBS Costs 
Each working candidate is required to be in possession of a current, enhanced DBS check prior to engagement. If you do not hold a current enhanced DBS check, we are able to run one on your behalf at a cost of £15 - £80 and this should be paid in advance. In some instances, Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment may cover the cost for you and arrange a re-payment plan. In this instance a plan will be agreed, and you will be asked to sign a DBS payment agreement. By signing below, you agree to the above DBS costs terms. 
Section 3 - Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers & Adult Social Care Workers in England 
To ensure that we are confident you are aware of your responsibilities and accountabilities as a health care worker or nurse. Please sign below to acknowledge you have read and understood the Code of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Social Care Workers in England. 
Section 4 - Uniform Costs 
Upon engagement with Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment you will be issued with a branded uniform which must be worn at all times when on site (unless you are working at a site that does not require a uniform). The cost of each branded uniform is £20 which can either be paid up front or deducted from your wage. 
Dependent upon the frequency of your shifts with us, you will be required to possess an adequate number of uniforms to ensure that you are always able to wear a clean one to work. 
Section 5 - GDPR Privacy Notice 
We have a separate GDPR privacy notice for you to read and acknowledge. Please read this and sign below when you have read and understood it. 
Section 6 - Key information notice 
We have a separate key information privacy notice for you to read and acknowledge. Please read this and sign below when you have read and understood it. 
Section 7 - Shift Guidelines 
When I am working with Hands-On / City Force Healthcare and I accept a day shift, under no circumstances will I do a night shift with another agency prior to my shift. If I accept a night shift, under no circumstances will I do a day shift with another agency prior to my shift. 
Section 8 - Work Declaration 
I state that when I start working for Hands-On / City Force Healthcare I will take shifts based on the availability that I give to the consultants. 
I will not cancel shifts without 24 hours notice. 
If I need to cancel I will ensure I contact my consultant by phone until I reach them to update them about my situation. 
I will make sure that I get timesheets and feedback forms filled in by any client that I go to work for. I will send them to my consultant before 9am on Monday morning each week. 
I will endeavour to be on time to all my shifts. It I cannot make it on time I will call the service and my consultant to explain why. 
Section 9 - Reference Authorisation 
I give permission for Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment Ltd to get in touch with the referees I have provided them in the application form. I understand that Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment Ltd will contact the referees I have provided in order to obtain information about my previous employers / education establishments. 
Section 10 - Reference Policy 
Hands-On / City Force Healthcare have policies and procedures to which every candidate is required to follow regarding references. 
The only person that can be nominated for a reference is Frank Collins. 
Before you pass on Frank’s details to any third party you must get verbal permission 
from Frank as per company policy concerning passing his details to a third party on the ground of referencing. 
Section 11 - Bank Staff 
If you are approached to become a permanent worker or a member of the bank staff team at any service you are sent to by the agency, you are required to inform the agency (Hands-On / City Force Healthcare) immediately. 
Section 12 - Confidentiality Agreement 
In return for the care home or service providing information to me in the course of my assignment as a Temporary Worker with Hands-On / City Force Healthcare, I promise to do the following in relation to the information given to me or obtained by me in the course of such placement (the “Information”): 
▶ I promise to hold the Information in the strictest confidence, and to ensure that it is kept in a safe and secure place when not in use. I acknowledge that no Information is to be removed from Customer premises without the prior written consent of the Customer; 
▶ I promise to use the Information solely for the purpose of the work for which I have been given such Information; and 
▶ I promise not to disclose the Information to any third party or to copy or reproduce the Information except as may be strictly necessary in the proper course of my duties and as expressly authorised by the Customer. 
I agree that any breach of this undertaking by me or any third party to whom I release the Information may result in legal proceedings being commenced against me, including but not limited to a claim for recovery of any losses, damages, costs and expenses (including indirect and consequential losses) suffered or incurred by the Customer and/or Hands On Healthcare as a result of that breach. 
This Agreement and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. 
Section 13 - Registration Declarations 
Application and Conduct 
I declare that I have completed the Hands-On / City Force Healthcare application pack, and all answers and information provided by myself is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I confirm that I will comply with policies and procedures of the hospital or organisation in which I am engaged as a temporary worker. 
If a complaint is raised against yourself whilst engaged by Hands-On Healthcare / City Force Recruitment, or any other agency or employer, I will inform Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment immediately. 
I can confirm that I am aware that the trust/organisation where I attend assignments have the right to carry out any physical searches of me, my possessions and my vehicle while on the premises. Any person, firm or organisation who is responsible to the trust/organisation for security matters shall, when carrying out such searches, comply with the Human Rights Act 1998. 
Fitness to practice 
I agree to inform Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment immediately if I am the subject of any pending prosecution, work related investigation, disciplinary action or professional misconduct proceedings by any other organisation or if there are changes to my personal circumstances that could affect my fitness to practice as a healthcare professional. 
Permission to carry out employment checks 
I give Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment permission to carry out relevant employment checks, including external checks on my qualifications, a media check and I agree to these checks, other personal data and records being shared with the trust/organisation for validation, verification, inspection and audit purposes. 
Declaring Health and Hygiene 
I confirm that when I attend an assignment that I will be in good health, medically and physically fit. If not, I will inform Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment as soon as I can before I attend my shift. I will also ensure that my standard of oral and personal hygiene 
is acceptable. 
I confirm that any information I have provided is truthful and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I have now withheld any information that could affect my future employment. 
We will use the information you provide us in accordance within the date protection act 1998. 
I will inform Hands-On / City Force Healthcare immediately of any circumstances that may affect my work, such as pending prosecutions or convictions, disciplinary or professional misconduct proceedings and involvement in work related investigations which may arise whilst I am participating in the recruitment process for permanent work and/or whilst I am registered for temporary work. 
I declare that, if in the future, if I am subject to any misconduct proceedings, disciplinary action or am suspended from duty or involved in an investigation by any other employer or agency I will inform Hands-On / City Force Healthcare Recruitment immediately. 
I understand that my registration or work placement can be terminated at any time. 
I understand that my file may be subject to audit or inspection by an external body. This may include medical information and/or immunisation histories/certificates. 
Stage 4 - HOH-CFH Job Description 
Purpose and Objectives 
To provide support and assistance to carers and to people with care needs. This will involve the provision of personal, domestic and social care, respecting confidentiality at all times within an equal opportunities’ framework and Hands-On Healthcare Recruitment Limited. 
Responsible To 
Line Manager 
Hands-On Healthcare / City Force Recruitment Limited 
Principal duties and responsibilities 
▶ To provide a high quality of service which will involve the provision of personal, social and domestic care as documented in the client’s individual support plan. 
▶ To respect the personal choice of lifestyles of carers, people with care needs and colleagues, ensuring that equal opportunities principles are applied at all times. 
▶ To work within Health and Safety Regulations. 
▶ It is imperative that confidentiality is respected at all times. 
Family / individual related tasks 
▶ Attend the homes of families/individuals and perform duties as specified by the line manager. 
▶ Listen to the directions and requests of both the person with a disability and the carer and wherever possible perform the duties consistent with their own wishes. 
▶ To maintain independence by working with an enabling ethos of ‘doing with’ and not ‘doing for’ the person with care needs. 
Personal and social care tasks 
▶ Provide emotional support to the family as part of a caring team 
▶ Assist with feeding 
▶ Assist in the management of continence of bladder and bowel. 
▶ Assist with dressing and undressing 
▶ Care of skin and hair, including assistance with shaving. 
▶ Care of pressure areas and prevention of sores. 
▶ Care of mouth and teeth, including dentures. 
▶ Bathing in bed/bathroom/chair to include essential aspects of 
personal hygiene. 
▶ Assistance with getting up and going to bed (if required, with 
the help of hoists and other equipment). 
▶ Assistance with appliances (hearing aids, spectacles, artificial 
limbs, leg callipers) 
▶ Assist with mobility and transfers, using correctly any specialised 
equipment provided 
▶ Administer only the mediation as prescribed by a qualified 
medical practitioner as detailed in the Support Plan 
▶ Assist with the therapeutic programmes for rehabilitation and 
development as agreed with appropriate clinical professionals in liaison with the Line Manager. 
▶ Provide a safe environment for those who need constant 
supervision and help 
▶ Supervise the person with care needs outside the home as 
advised by the Line Manager, with written permission form the disabled person or responsible carer. 
▶ Undertake other specialised care tasks as agreed 
by Management 
Domestic Tasks 
▶ Some light domestic duties may be carried out as follows 
▶ Making and changing the bed of the person with care needs 
▶ Essential laundering for the disabled person 
▶ Essential shopping (Receipts must be obtained for all purchases) 
▶ Preparing meals and washing up 
▶ Essential cleaning (as documented in clients support plan) 
Administration and training 
▶ Participate in an induction programmed, and attend ongoing in-service training determined by individual needs 
▶ Undertake training for specialised care tasks as agreed by 
▶ Notify the Line Manager immediately of any change in 
availability to work at least 24 hours prior to the shift 
▶ Observe and report back promptly to the Line Manager any 
alteration in the family circumstances affecting the service provision 
▶ Liaise regularly with the Line Manager and colleagues 
▶ Provide flexible cover for colleagues in the event of holiday and 
sickness working as part of a caring team 
▶ Attend regular meetings convened by the Line/Scheme 
and/or Management 
▶ Complete incident forms accurately and submit promptly to 
the Line Manager on a monthly basis 
▶ Maintain accurate records in Service User’s support plans and 
submit completed records to the Line Manager 
Other duties 
▶ Undertake other duties as may be required by Management 
Full Mandatory training completed within 12 months 
Application form and interview 
NVQ Level 2 or higher in Health and Social Care or equivalent (or willingness to enrol) 
Previous experience in a care / domiciliary role, or willingness to partake in Hands- On Healthcare Recruitment shadowing scheme 
Application form and interview 
Knowledge of Skills for care ‘Codes of Conduct for Healthcare Support Workers and Adult Care Workers in England’ 
Application form 
Able to demonstrate basic skills in cash handling and budgeting 
Application form and interview 
Ability to work on own initiative with a common-sense attitude, dealing effectively with situations from basic to more complex 
Application form and interview 
Ability to clearly interpret and communicate oral and written information and instructions 
Application form and interview 
Ability to work effectively under pressure 
Application form and interview 
Ability to work on own initiative with a common-sense attitude, dealing effectively with situations from basic to more complex 
Application form and interview 
Willing to deal with sensitive personal care issues e.g. incontinence Interview 
An understanding of and commitment to equal opportunities issues both within the workplace and the community in general 
To be able to professional communicate with management, emergency services, service users and their families. 
The purpose of this tool is to enable you to identity your own level of expertise and competencies for safe and effective placement. 
Please complete below for your self-assessment. 
Stage 5 - Healthcheck Questionnaire 
About You 
Date of Birth
Do you suffer from any of the following health conditions? 
Stage 6 - Training Policy 
Each registering candidate is required to hold full mandatory training before starting work, as outlined below, and to refresh this annually. 
In addition to Mandatory Training we also require every working candidate to complete a training programme that includes additional topics which will enhance your skills, knowledge and understanding of your job. These topics are priced at £12.99 each and will be deducted as you work so that they are more affordable. 
Basic/Immediate Life Support Practical (not online) 
Moving & Handling Practical (not online) 
Safeguarding vulnerable adults 
Lone Worker 
Infection Prevention/ Control 
Safeguarding children 
Complaints handling & conflict management 
Fire Safety 
Information Governance 
Food Hygiene 
Health and Safety (inc COSHH + RIDDOR) 
Equality and Diversity 
Challenging Behaviour 
First Aid 
We hold classroom based training throughout the year which we will automatically enrol you on if you do not hold this training or your current training is due to expire. 
Hands-On will give you ample notice of the training so that you can attend. 
To ensure attendance on to an in-person training course, a deposit of £35 will be taken from your wage and the remaining balance of £30 would be deducted from your wage in the week leading up to the training. On the day of your training, you will be provided with the training certificate to add to your portfolio. 
Some specialist training courses will require a deposit of £50 to secure your place. Once the full training has been completed then you will be refunded unless you want to put the deposit towards the cost of the certificate. 
Training includes but not exclusive to: - 
Sherwood Training 
Stage 7 - Policies 
Lateness Policy 
This policy is in place because we support vulnerable people. In being late, you risk causing a behavioural trigger which can be distressing for the client, the care home and the staff! We have zero tolerance for lateness and persistent lateness will result in termination of your employment. Our focus is on the vulnerable people we support. We expect that you would adhere to this notice, showing commitment to the same cause. 
Every shift you are booked for has a clear start time. 
Our policy is that you should arrive no less than 15 minutes before the beginning of each shift. Anything less than this is classed as lateness. 
If you are late for a shift, and also if you fail to inform the agency by way of a phone call, we reserve the right to deduct one hours pay from the wage, to re-compensate the client. 
We have zero tolerance on lateness and reserve the rights to suspend your wages whilst the lateness is investigated. 
All lateness is recorded and persistent lateness will result in termination of your employment. 
It is your responsibility to check transport links to and from your shift before you accept the shift this especially includes Sundays when the buses and trains are fewer. If you accept a shift you must arrive there and if you’re running late, a taxi is the only way to ensure you arrive on time! 
Cancellations Policy 
This policy is in place to protect our most vulnerable clients because a gap in their care can have detrimental consequences to themselves, their families and other staff. 
When you cancel a shift we may be unable to find a replacement and this could mean that the care home falls beneath safe staffing levels. This will mean that some people don’t get receive all personal cares such as washing, dressing or even meals on time. It could also mean that the clients miss out on community events, shopping, college or days out. 
When you cancel a shift at short notice this has even worse consequences as the client will be extremely panicked about whether they will have cover for the shift and it creates a lot of work for our staff to re-cover these hours which have been cancelled by you. 
You must check the distance and start/finish times of each and every shift you accept, before you accept them. 
You must check your own schedule for any appointments, childcare responsibilities, prior engagements and other commitments before you accept. 
Shift cancellations are unacceptable 
Shift cancellations within 24 hours are absolutely unacceptable and should you cancel your shift within 24 hours you may be asked to attend an in-person meeting in the office before resuming with the rest of your shifts 
The agency may cancel any or all shifts you have booked in to protect other clients from the same problem 
Your pay may be suspended whilst we investigate 
Persistent cancellation of shifts may result in termination of your employment 
Behaviour at Work Policy 
This policy is in place to reiterate to you that when you are at work, there are professional standards and codes of conduct in place that are there to protect the vulnerable clients and other staff. 
Working for the agency does not mean that you are ‘casual staff’. This is your job - your employment. There are standards in place and you must meet them if you would like to work for Hands-On Healthcare. 
You are part of a rotating staffing team and must always represent the company well. This means being polite, engaging, supportive, energetic, fun, helpful, committed, dedicated and compassionate. 
We will not tolerate people coming to work purely for money – your heart and soul must be in this job and if it’s not, then this isn’t the job for you! 
Sleeping on shift is a sackable offence. At the very least, your shifts will be suspended and you will be required to meet with our quality assurance manager in the office before you can resume. 
Using your phone at work is the most common complaint from our clients. Using your phone at work because you’re bored or there is nothing to do is NOT ACCEPTABLE just like you would not see a nurse or a doctor in a hospital sat down on their phone – this applies to us too!! You are not being paid to be on your phone and if you feel there is nothing to do, you should find something to do! 
Language: body language, verbal language – it all counts. You must be open and approachable. Smile! Ask how can I help. If you’re not sure, ask! Do not show temper or aggressive body language to the clients or other staff. Do not argue! If you need to speak to someone, call the agency as that’s what we are here for. If there is a problem allow us to help. If there is no problem, allow some things to pass. 
Engaging with clients: Remember what you are at work to do. You are there to care for and support people who have limited physical and learning capacity. You are there to improve their quality of life and make a positive impact in someone else’s world. If you don’t feel like you can be that person to leave your ego at the door and really get eye to eye with another person then this isn’t the job for you! You are being paid to make your clients laugh & smile. To encourage them to eat and play and learn and promote independence. Those who’s feedback reflects otherwise will be addressed and consistent poor feedback may result in termination of employment. 
Leaving early: It is not acceptable for you to ask to leave your shift early to catch a bus or train (or any other reason), unless previously agreed with your Hands-On shift booker. See lateness and cancellation policies. 
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