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By embedding values-based recruitment through each stage of the healthcare recruitment process, healthcare providers are able to gain a comprehensive picture of applicants and recruit prospective employees whose personal values and behaviours align with those of the organisation. 
An increased focus on values ensures that organisations operating in the healthcare sector are not only recruiting care staff and support workers with the necessary skills, but with the appropriate values to support the provision of high-quality, safe, and compassionate patient care. 

What Does Values-Based Recruitment Mean? 

Values-based recruitment is defined by values-based leadership and wellbeing coach and trainer, Kerry Cleary, as “a way of getting to know people, their motivations, passions, and interests”. This helps to determine whether or not they are a good fit for the organisation and for the role in question and enables employers to make the best possible recruitment decisions on behalf of those for whom they provide care and support. 
In order to establish a workforce of care staff who are well-suited to their roles, leading to improved quality of patient care, the employers' organisation for the NHS in England deliver values-based recruitment in the following ways: 
• pre-screening assessments 
• values-based interviewing techniques 
• assessment centre approaches 
Values-based recruitment is a recommended practice for all health and social care employers and, although each set of values on an organisation's list might vary, a similar framework can be applied. 

The Benefits of Values-Based Recruitment 

Values-based recruitment makes it possible for healthcare providers to look wider than the usual pool of candidates and to recruit candidates who may not have extensive experience in care, but who have exactly the sorts of values and behaviours that would make them an asset to their organisation. 
Having proven to be a successful tool in the healthcare sector, organisations across other industries are beginning to incorporate values-based recruitment into their existing recruitment processes due to its numerous benefits. 
Organisations are using values-based recruitment strategies to create and promote a healthy work environment that increases performance, enhances collaboration, and improves morale. By choosing candidates who share the same values as the organisation, employees are likely to become more engaged and productive in their jobs which, in return, leads to improved employee retention rates

The Benefits of Values-Based Recruitment 

At Hands-on Healthcare, we believe that getting to know people is time well spent. We combine value-based recruitment strategies with a wealth of industry expertise in order to find individuals whose personal values and behaviours align with those of your organisation. 
Our ultimate goal is to provide thoughtful and personable healthcare recruitment, connecting the right candidates to the right roles. Contact us today to learn more
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