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If there is one lesson that the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us all, it is that healthcare workers are more than essential. But how we view medical workers is not the only thing that has changed; how we view healthcare recruitment has changed too. 
Over the past two years, our working lives have changed; employers and employees, job seekers and recruiters alike have had to adapt. For healthcare workers, this has meant longer hours, greater stress and higher pressure. The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on staff. 
It also affected healthcare recruitment. Our industry faced its own set of challenges - finding candidates at short notice, increasing our intake of skilled workers, interviewing via video, dealing with staff absences, and speeding up processes – all whilst maintaining standards. 
The old ways of working were no longer fit for purpose, and something had to change. 

Finding Connections in Recruitment 

Hands on Healthcare were at the forefront of this change. We shifted our focus, to become more flexible, and worked closer than ever with our clients to provide them with the best staff. 
We realised very quickly that our commitment to hiring the right people with the right attitude was what was going to really make a difference for our clients. 
During the pandemic, our recruiters saw a rise in the number of positions that needed to be filled; our old screening methods would take too long to fill these roles. We therefore changed the way we prioritised candidates’ key skills to ensure our clients were able to continue to deliver the best possible care to their patients.  
We worked closely with our clients in order to establish which skills and experiences were most important, before matching these skills against our large pool of candidates. Our processes were already robust but the need to adapt only made them stronger. 
This change led us to really focus on finding the right person. We recognise the value of practical skills and qualifications, but we also know that selecting individuals based on their values, attitude and character are of equal importance. 

A Candidate’s Values Provide Employers with Value 

Hiring passionate people is a good way to find individuals who are more likely to understand what it means to provide high quality care and support. They are also more likely to stay on in a role for longer. A person’s values and beliefs naturally carry through to their work, and are therefore vital considerations when recruiting in healthcare. 
Furthermore, traits of compassion, dignity and respect are vital to a career in the care sector; finding candidates with these core skills is what our team does best. 
We believe that providing our clients with staff who can connect to patients is imperative. Our candidates not only provide fantastic care but also have the skills to support them and their families both emotionally and spiritually. Hands on Healthcare look for jobseekers who are able to respect dignity and demonstrate compassion towards those in their care. 
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