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The pandemic has impacted on recruitment across nearly every sector, with changes to the way we work as well as the professions we choose. While healthcare jobs are physically and emotionally demanding, they are also highly rewarding if candidates and employers are well matched. 
According to statistics published by Workforce Intelligence in October last year, the UK adult social care sector saw around 105,000 vacancies advertised during 2020/2021. Staff retention is a common problem and often stems not from the jobs themselves but from ineffective recruitment. 

Finding the Right Candidates for Care Work 

Recruiting care home staff can be a rolling process encompassing a variety of positions, including support workers, care assistants, registered nurses, home managers and domestic staff. Roles can vary from ad hoc, temporary or permanent, through to contracts, residential and block bookings. 
Many care home positions require candidates to have specific skills and qualifications, especially for senior or specialist roles. 
However, while a strong CV is important, interviews should be used to find out if candidates have a positive attitude and share the company’s values
During the interview stage, recruiters should consider personal qualities such as compassion, resilience, positivity and reliability by asking scenario-based questions. Using the STAR method (where candidates describe a Situation, Task, Action and Result) can also be beneficial. 

Care Home Recruitment Using Job Boards 

One of the most popular options for advertising and finding care home vacancies is to use online job boards such as Indeed or Total Jobs. Not only are they quick, simple and cheap to use for jobseekers and employers alike, but their popularity ensures recruiters receive a higher volume of applicants. 
However, just because a job receives hundreds of replies does not guarantee a successful hire. In fact, having too many applications can waste valuable time and energy without even producing any suitable candidates, so it is essential that care homes choose the most suitable recruitment process

Care Home Recruitment With An Agency 

With healthcare positions, quality over quantity is key to finding the right candidate, which is where using a more targeted hiring method can be useful. Specialist recruitment agencies are particularly beneficial as they can match likeminded clients with companies using values-based recruitment
Agencies can also help care homes to save on resources, both long- and short-term. By selecting the most suitable candidates from an existing pool, companies can fill vacancies quickly without putting quality of care at risk. 
As candidates will have already demonstrated their skills and experience to the agency, employers can feel more confident taking on new staff and also save on training costs. 
Many agencies are location-specific, so unlike using job boards or other recruitment methods, care providers can find candidates who are already local and likely to stay in the area, further benefitting their retention rates. Most agencies will also be happy to provide ongoing employment advice. 

Professional Recruitment Support 

At Hands-on Healthcare, we focus on both sides of recruitment, giving employers and jobseekers equal time and dedication to ensure we find the best solutions for all. Working within Yorkshire, Humberside and the Midlands, we have particular expertise of hiring for roles in supported living, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, mental health, dementia, Alzheimer’s and with the elderly. 
Our commitment to care influences everything we do, from finding quick and affordable recruitment solutions to rewarding our clients for prompt payments. We understand that your time and money are valuable, so we work closely with every client to achieve the most positive outcomes. 
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