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Finding the right person for any job is a complex undertaking. This is particularly true when it comes to healthcare - a sector which is dependent on finding the ideal fit for each opportunity. Healthcare professionals play a critical role in improving the quality of life for so many people, but not everybody has the appropriate skills or character to be able to do it well. 
Finding the perfect person for a role is a great achievement, but what follows next is equally crucial. Successfully integrating staff into an organisation is vital. As the gap between supply and demand of nurses widens, now more than ever it is important to take the necessary steps to aid in this integration; failing to do so can result in a high staff turnover, and manifold knock-on issues. 

The Impact of a High Staff Turnover 

A high staff turnover has a number of negative consequences, both immediate and in the longer term. It increases demand on time and resources, interrupting workflow and adversely impacting company culture. However, the potential effects of a high staff turnover on those in care is of particular concern; the constant change is often very daunting and unsettling. 
Research into the effects of a high staff turnover on those in care has suggested it may be linked to poor mental health; in some cases it may be a warning sign of patient safety. It also has an impact on other members of staff by reducing team morale. This can lead to job dissatisfaction, which has been found to be one of the more significant contributing factors to a high staff turnover. 

Our Approach 

At Hands-on Healthcare, we are proud of our approach to healthcare recruitment. We recognise that being able to foster strong working relationships between a candidate and client is crucial. However, building this on a foundation of compassion and trust is integral to achieving long-term partnerships. 
Whilst practical skills and qualifications are important when searching for a candidate, a person's character and values carry just as much weight. An employee who is passionate about their work and truly cares for those they look after will provide great value to an organisation, whilst simultaneously enriching lives. Inevitably there are situations where staff continuity is impossible to achieve. In these circumstances, is vital to introduce a staff member with the right character and attitude to minimise patient stress, whilst maintaining the quality of their care. 

Successful Staff Integration Over Time 

The healthcare sector is filled with challenge and constant change. A dedicated solution is required to ensure staff are equipped with the skills to succeed. That is why even after a candidate has been established in their role, we continue to support them, enhancing their skills and experience with professional development. 
When it comes to successful staff integration in healthcare, a hands-on solution is required. 
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